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Leading Partners by Leading Edge

Leading Partners is designed to strengthen the working relationships between CEOs and board chairs.

Participants leave with an appreciation and framework for their shared leadership.

Professionals and lay leaders are the twin engines that make nonprofits soar, and the Board Chair-CEO relationship is the critical joint that holds them together. When this partnership works, it can add tremendous value. When it doesn’t, it can be counterproductive.

Leading Partners is a practical, replicable structure for improving these relationships and elevating the way boards and executives lead nonprofits into this uncertain future.

The program’s main pillars are: 

  1. Masterclasses (3 sessions of 2 hours each) with experts in topics essential for a strong Board Chair-CEO relationship
  2. Executive Coaching (6 sessions of one hour each) with each pair together to make meaning of the master class learnings
  3. Ad hoc elements added to meet the specific interest and needs of each cohort

Please note: At this stage, participation is by invitation only.

“I got a lot out of the program, both professionally and personally. The coaching was helpful in navigating some challenging moments. And, most importantly, the program created the time and space for [my CEO] and I to have some great conversations together.” — Board Chair Participant, Leading Partners

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