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10 Podcasts to Follow in 2022

by Leading Edge

It's a new year. Put some new interesting and useful conversations in your ears.

Here are ten podcasts we think are great subscriptions for anyone working or leading in the Jewish and/or nonprofit sectors.

1. WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Adam Grant, the superstar author and organizational psychologist, brings his signature clarity and down-to-earth conversational style to this podcast about rethinking how we live, work, and lead. Top-tier guests and evidence-based recommendations make this a must-listen.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

2. Coaching Real Leaders

Coaching Real Leaders

Presented by Harvard Business Review, this podcast consists of actual coaching conversations between author and executive coach Muriel Wilkins and real leaders who are successful, but facing a bump in the road. We get to listen in as Muriel and her guests get into the nitty-gritty details of real-world struggles and challenges—and how to overcome them. Since the guests are real, so are the conversations. And since the guests remain anonymous (using pseudonyms), they can be truly honest.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

3. Identity/Crisis from the Shalom Hartman Institute


Host Yehuda Kurtzer and a broad array of guests aren't afraid to tackle the most difficult and controversial issues and dilemmas facing the North American Jewish community. They take on this daunting task with intelligence, kindness, curiosity, and an orientation toward pluralism and engagement rather than confrontational debate.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

4. Nonprofits Are Messy, with Joan Garry

Nonprofits Are Messy, with Joan Garry

Author and consultant Joan Garry has been described as “the ‘Dear Abby’ of the nonprofit world.” Heaven knows the nonprofit world needs advice—because this sector really is messy! Garry's warm, no-nonsense style brings out the best in her guests, and the conversations she hosts explore not only how messy and difficult nonprofit leadership can be, but how leaders can wade through the messiness and make amazing things happen anyway.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

5. Culture First by Culture Amp

Culture First by Culture Amp

From Culture Amp, the platform/partner we use for our own Employee Experience Survey, comes this podcast focused on a topic near and dear to Leading Edge's heart: how to use culture to make everything else about our working lives better. Come for host Damon Klotz's delightful Australian accent; stay for the deep dives into how your organization can become a better place to work.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

6. The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab

Dr. Laurie Santos, the show's host, is a Yale professor of psychology and an expert in cognition and cognitive biases. In her podcast, Santos shows us how what we think will make us happy and what will make us happy often don't match. While the show isn't focused on the workplace, many episodes deal with work and career issues, and almost all of them have some application to workplace culture.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

7. What Gives? The Jewish Philanthropy Podcast

What Gives? The Jewish Philanthropy Podcast

From Jewish Funders Network, this podcast explores a wide variety of topics related to Jewish life and philanthropy. Hosted by JFN President & CEO Andrés Spokoiny, many of these conversations reveal funder perspectives of the nonprofit sector—an underappreciated point of view for the much larger population of people working in grantee organizations.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

8. Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel

Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel

From LinkedIn comes this weekly exploration of how work is changing—and how we're changing with it. Host Jessi Hempel speaks with a wide array of leaders, experts, and people on the front lines of a quickly changing work landscape.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

9. Dare to Lead, with Brené Brown

Dare to Lead with Brené Brown

The amazing researcher, professor, author, and deservedly popular guru Brené Brown talks with leaders and change-makers in this podcast. Fans of Brené will be thrilled, but not surprised, that her conversations are feasts for the brain and heart alike.

Here are a few episodes we particularly liked:

10. Just Leading (our own podcast!)

Just Leading

Just Leading is a collaboration between Leading Edge, SRE Network, and Jews of Color Initiative. The hosts are three trailblazing thought leaders—Gali Cooks, Ilana Kaufman, and Elana Wien. They host intimate conversations with a diverse set of leaders within and beyond the Jewish world to examine how to bring more equity into the workplace. If you haven't heard all 8 episodes of season 1, by all means binge them now! And make sure you're subscribed in your podcast app now... because Season 2 is already in the works.

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