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People-Centered Leadership: A Toolkit for Incoming CEOs and the Board Chairs Supporting Them

by Leading Edge
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Board chairs and incoming CEOs can work together to give their partnership strong roots.

The first few months in a CEO’s role are a vital time. Whether this is the CEO’s first time or tenth time in a senior-most leadership role, the learning curve for each role is steep, but an intentional process can help. This toolkit guides an incoming CEO and their board chair partner in the critical first phase of the CEO’s leadership in an organization. Starting with a strong and supportive relationship between the board chair and the CEO can set up the incoming leader and the organization for long-term success.

The toolkit has three parts, which may be read all together or separately: 

Rooting Your Leadership: A People-Centered Tool for Incoming CEOs

Planting Strong Leadership: A People-Centered Tool for Board Chairs Supporting Incoming CEO

The Leadership Covenant: People-Centered Conversation Guide for Incoming CEOs and their Board Chairs

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