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CEO Succession: Case Studies of Excellence from the Jewish Nonprofit Sector

by Eben Harrell
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We developed six case studies on recent CEO successions in major Jewish nonprofit organizations. Each highlights fascinating and unique stories of leadership transitions and offers bright spots and lessons to the sector.

Leading Edge commissioned a series of case studies profiling CEO transitions at six different major Jewish organizations across the country:
  • American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
  • Bend the Arc
  • Combined Jewish Philanthropies
  • A JCC in the Midwest
  • Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership
  • Tufts Hillel

What we learned were valuable lessons about how Jewish organizations can best prepare and position leaders to succeed. 

These case studies offer a candid, personal look at the inner workings of a CEO transition process.

They are rich with first person accounts from key figures involved — the outgoing and incoming CEOs, board members, search committee members, and others — and address key issues for Jewish organizations today, including gender and generational differences in approach to leadership, organizational culture change, best practices for search committees, and more.

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