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Are Jewish Organizations Great Places to Work? Results from Pilot Employee Engagement Survey (2016)

by Leading Edge
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To support organizations in creating even better places to work, Leading Edge conducts an annual Employee Experience Survey. A total of 3,422 employees across 55 Jewish organizations responded to the pilot survey in 2016, answering questions about questions about workplace culture, the factors that drive their levels of engagement at work, and what motivates the likelihood that they will stay in or leave their organizations—and the Jewish nonprofit sector as a whole.


Strengths. Responding Jewish organizations scored higher than the General Industry Benchmark on the following statements:

  • Employees are motivated by the mission of their organization and understand how their specific job contributes to it. (+13%)
  • Employees feel they are treated respectfully. (+10%)
  • Employees are challenged by their work (+9%)

Weaknesses. Responding Jewish organizations scored lower than the General Industry Benchmark on the following statements:

  • Poorly performing employees are held accountable. (-6%)
  • Employees feel they are being compensated well enough. (-6%)
  • Employees feel there are enough people to get the work done. (-11%)
  • Employees feel they have adequate opportunities to advance their careers. (-9%)
  • Employees plan to stay with the organization for at least the next five years. (-20%)

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