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Leading Places to Work

Are Jewish organizations great places to work?

Over 80,000 professionals spend their days working in the Jewish nonprofit sector. These professionals are the most valuable asset of organizations and their experience at work dramatically impacts their success.

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    Focused Engagement Survey by Leading Edge

    The Focused Engagement Survey helps organizations improve employees’ engagement and performance. Given recent events in Israel and the global Jewish community, many organizations in the Jewish nonprofit sector need more timely and focused feedback from their teams. For this moment, we have created a shorter survey, focused on engagement questions that our data has proved are the most powerful for driving change. 

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  • Pulse Surveys

    Leading Edge offers ongoing support by helping organizations administer Pulse Surveys—short, simple surveys designed to get quick feedback on how your employees are experiencing work in the current environment. Pulse Surveys can be administered at any time or cadence, and the questions they ask can be completely customized to meet your needs. Many organizations use Pulse Surveys to measure progress over time and to gauge whether changes are having the desired impact on organizational culture.

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  • People Pro Collective by Leading Edge

    The community for “the people people”

    The People Pro Collective (P2C) is a community of practice bringing together executives, HR leaders, and other professionals who focus on talent and organizational culture, connecting them with one another and providing tools that support their work.

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  • After Survey Actions

    You've taken the Employee Experience Survey. Now what?

    Organizational transformation is like a wellness center, not an emergency room.

    After Survey Actions will help your organization find ways to get stronger over time at supporting employees and building optimal organizational health.

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Reports & Resources

  • "Many emerging leaders are willing to take on challenging roles, but not in organizations with rigid cultures that lack collaboration, innovation, and autonomy... Change must happen at the organizational level, and leaders—both the professional leaders and the lay leaders—must take responsibility for promoting that change."

    — The Bridgespan Group, “Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders for Jewish Nonprofits,” 2014

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