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Gender Equity

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Finding Answers to the Gender Gap in Jewish Nonprofit Leadership

An article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy discusses Leading Edge's new report sharing the five “keystones” to addressing the persistent gender gap among Jewish nonprofit CEOs and tells the story of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's involvement in funding the project.

  • “In the Jewish community, some are optimistic that change is imminent. [Jill] Smith of the Genesis Prize is encouraged by the number of young people joining nonprofits who see the gender imbalance as unacceptable. ‘We’re at a moment where the dam is about to burst,’ she said.
    The leadership ranks of Jewish nonprofits — once largely static with top executives who stayed for 20 and 30 years — also are in the midst of enormous churn, according to [Gali] Cooks of Leading Edge. ‘As new CEOs and senior leaders come in, there is a ripe opportunity for a lot of change,’ she said.

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