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Don't Change the Job Description; Change the Job

by Amy Born

In this “buyer’s market” for jobs, if we think about the job as a product, many of us focus on our sales pitch. It’s important to get our pitch right. But what if the problem is less with the pitch than the product? What would happen if we worried less about the job postings and more about changing the jobs?

Writing for the Career Insights Column of Candid's Philanthropy News Digest, Leading Edge Chief Strategy Officer Amy Born suggests we focus on improving the jobs.

“It’s easy to assume that a job is static. You need a director of development. You need a volunteer coordinator. You need a finance associate. Those are the functions needed to get the work done. What can we change about that?

“A lot, actually. Think about the job as an experience. People work for pay and benefits, but they also want to feel personal satisfaction while doing good work. How will the employee spend their time? Are the expectations exciting and achievable? Who will they work with? How will the job interface with the rest of their life?”

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About the Author
  • Amy Born is Chief Strategy Officer at Leading Edge.

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