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Employee Experience Survey 2023: Register your organization by March 21

by Leading Edge

Registration is now open for organizations to participate in Leading Edge’s flagship survey that helps Jewish nonprofits become better places to work.

Employee Experience Survey by Leading Edge

Every year, Leading Edge administers the Employee Experience Survey, which helps organizations understand and improve how their employees experience work. The survey provides insight into your employees’ experiences at work, and allows you to identify organizational strengths as well as growth areas. You will have access to materials and resources that will help you throughout the survey process. Once the results are in, Leading Edge will offer pro bono consultations to help you understand and act on your data. The survey is absolutely free and strictly confidential.

  • How to Register

    To register your organization, read the Memorandum of Understanding and fill out the registration form linked at the bottom. To complete the registration form, you will need to complete a Human Resources Information Sheet (HRIS). Here is the HRIS template and here are HRIS instructions. Submit the registration form, including the HRIS, by March 21, 2023.

    Get started

  • Information Sessions

    If you’re considering the survey but would like more information, Leading Edge is hosting optional weekly information sessions. 

    View info sessions & sign up

Since 2016, more than 45,000 employees at nearly 400 organizations have participated in the survey. Organizations who take the survey for multiple years tend to see their numbers improve year over year as their interventions make their employees' working lives demonstrably better. Click here to see an overall report about last year’s survey.


To be eligible for the survey, organizations must be:

  • A Jewish organization…
  • …that has existed for three years or longer…
  • …with registered nonprofit tax status…
  • …based in North America…
  • …with 6 or more employees (any combination of full-time and part-time).


Leading Edge safeguards and guarantees the confidentiality of all organizations and employees. We are committed to ensuring no individual or organization’s data is ever made public. Any data that is shared (such as in public reports) will only be in the aggregate. At no point will organizations have access to individual employee responses or know who has responded to the survey.

2023 Survey Timeline

  • Register your organization by Tue, March 21, 2023
  • Passover — April 5–13
  • Survey Opens — Tue, April 25, 2023
  • Survey Closes — Fri, May 12, 2023
  • Access to Your Results — June 2023
  • Post-Survey Consultations — Summer and Fall 2023

[The Employee Experience Survey] “over the years has resulted in a dramatic improvement in employee experience. This improvement had a giant impact on our values and culture.” — A participating organization’s executive director

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