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2023 Memorandum of Understanding & Registration

Welcome to the 2023 Leading Edge Employee Experience Survey! In this Memorandum of Understanding we outline all the requirements and expectations for the survey, as well as confidentiality protections.

Please read all the information below before registering for the 2023 survey.

Is your organization eligible to participate?

  • Organization has at least six employees who will be invited to participate in the survey (full-time and/or part-time). Organizations will receive results if at least five employees complete the survey.
  • Organization is based in North America.
  • Organization is a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country or has a fiscal agent that is a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country.
  • Organization has been in existence for at least three years.

What are the important dates for the 2022 Survey?

  • Register: Submit the Registration Form and HRIS — by Tue, March 21, 2023
  • Passover — April 5–13
  • Survey Opens — Tue, April 25
  • Survey Closes — Fri, May 12
  • Access to Your Results — June 2023
  • Post-Survey Consultations — Summer and Fall 2023

How does Leading Edge protect the confidentiality of participating organizations and their employees?

Leading Edge guarantees the confidentiality of all organizations. We are committed to ensuring no individual organization’s data is ever made public. Leading Edge will only share aggregate data in an annual report. Any identifying information, such as quotes or survey experience stories, must be approved by your organization before publication. 

Leading Edge guarantees the confidentiality of all employees. To ensure that your staff feel comfortable being as honest as possible, all answers and comments that your employees will provide in this survey are 100% CONFIDENTIAL. At no point will your organization have access to individual responses or know who has responded to the survey. Leading Edge will protect this information through a set of safeguards and security protocols. Results will be reported to organizational leaders as part of the organization's overall data. Access to employees’ responses will be restricted to Leading Edge for the sole purpose of reporting data in the aggregate. The following thresholds have been set in order to further protect your employees’ confidentiality:

  1. The reporting group threshold is set to 4 responses. If within that demographic breakdown there is a group of 1, then the next smallest group’s data will also be hidden to protect the group of 1 from potential identification.
  2. Organizations with fewer than 10 employees will not will not have access to verbatim comments or any demographic information. Instead, they will receive their data in the aggregate and a summary of themes from verbatim comments.

What can we expect from Leading Edge?

  • Cost — Everything is 100% free and will come at no cost to you and your organization. 
  • Survey — Leading Edge will provide a high-quality survey that takes employees approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • Tools and Templates — Leading Edge will provide access to resources including tools, templates, and guides to use throughout the process. 
  • Survey Support — Leading Edge will support your organization throughout the survey process, and provide technical assistance as needed. For issues related to Culture Amp, a third-party online survey platform, we may redirect your question to their customer support.
  • Results Access — Your CEO / ED will automatically have access to your survey results. You may also specifically designate other individuals who should receive access to your organization's results on the Culture Amp website. Only the CEO / ED and those who you designate will have access to your results. We will follow up before we release the results to confirm who should receive access to your results.
  • Follow-up — You will have access to at least one free consultation with an organizational behavior expert to help you think through your results and plan next steps. We recommend at least one conversation with a consultant, but it is not required. 

What does Leading Edge request from participating organizations?

  • Commitment — Organizational leadership, including the most senior leader, will commit to the success of the survey administration, will encourage staff participation, and will assign ONE person to be the Survey Liaison between Leading Edge and your organization.
  • Survey Liaison — For us to effectively support you in the survey, you will designate ONE person to serve as your Survey Liaison. All information related to survey administration will be sent to this person, who will forward any relevant information to others who might need it. We are not able to accommodate more than one Survey Liaison.
  • CEO Survey — In tandem with the Employee Experience Survey, Leading Edge administers the CEO Survey. All CEOs, Executive Directors, Head Rabbis, Heads of School, or the top most professional leader from your organization will be invited to respond to the CEO Survey and NOT the Employee Experience Survey. The only exception is for organizations with less than 10 employees, in which case the CEO will have the opportunity to participate in both the CEO Survey and the Employee Experience Survey. The CEO Survey includes questions that address the unique experiences of a CEO including questions about boards, senior teams, fundraising, etc. The purpose of the CEO Survey is to learn more about the CEO experience so the sector can support CEOs. Please see more information and the results from the 2022 CEO Survey here
  • Action — We expect that organizations will take action to address at least one finding identified through the survey results.
  • Technical Requirements and Testing — You will need to provide a unique work email address for every employee in order for us to administer the survey via email. To ensure the smooth delivery of surveys to staff, organizations will work with their IT teams/providers to help avoid bounced emails, spamming, and lost links. Culture Amp will provide the IT requirements to ensure email communications inviting employees to complete the survey are not treated as junk.
  • Use of Questions — If you wish to use the Leading Edge survey questions for a purpose other than for the survey itself, please reach out to Leading Edge before doing so. 
  • Use of Survey (Legal Disclaimer) — Organizations’ use of the survey is at their sole risk. Leading Edge does not provide warranties of any kind in connection with the survey.
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