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CEO Onboarding Program Now Open to Leaders with Tenure Under 6 Months

by Dena Farber Schoenfeld

Due to the unusually high number of leadership transitions currently underway in the Jewish nonprofit sector, the Leading Edge CEO Onboarding Program is updating its eligibility criteria. Previously, the program was open to leaders who had been in their positions for between 6 months and 30 months. Under this new change, any Jewish nonprofit leader will be eligible if they have started in their topmost executive position by July 1, 2021, and have been in that position for fewer than 30 months. (There is no longer a 6-month minimum tenure requirement.)

This change will allow a broader set of candidates to apply for this competitive and valuable opportunity, which we hope will strengthen the rapidly-changing institutional landscape.

Applications for Cohort 4 of the CEO Onboarding Program will close on April 15. For more information, see the program's FAQs page.

About the Author
  • Dena Farber Schoenfeld is Vice President of Executive Programs at Leading Edge.

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