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What is it Like to Lead Jewish Nonprofits? Results from the Pilot CEO Survey

by Leading Edge
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CEOs of Jewish organizations are overwhelmingly proud to lead their organizations, interested and challenged by their work, and positive in their assessments of their relationships with their boards and senior teams. They often struggle with fundraising, staffing, and a heavy workload. What helps them most is connecting with other leaders. Staff well-being has been the most challenging aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This report shares findings from the pilot CEO Survey from Leading Edge. The CEO Survey was created to help Leading Edge understand the unique experiences of Jewish nonprofit CEOs, their relationships with their boards and senior teams, and their most common strengths and struggles. It can also help CEOs understand and contextualize their own experiences, and help boards, funders, and other stakeholders in the Jewish communal sector to understand the needs and challenges of leaders today.

155 CEOs responded to the survey in May 2021. (We use the word “CEO” to refer to any topmost professional nonprofit leader, including those with “Executive Director” titles or other equivalent titles.)

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