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Recruitment & HiringGuide

A Guide to Recruiting and Hiring

by CareerHub
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Created by CareerHub for hiring managers in the Jewish nonprofit sector—i.e., any professionals in Jewish organizations who hire people—this Guide aims to empower every Jewish nonprofit to find and hire stellar team members so that their organization can succeed.

The most successful organizations at recruiting are those that build connections with potential talent at all times, while cultivating cultures of equity and inclusion to ensure that their talent recruitment, development, and retention practices won’t lead them to miss out on talent from groups that are marginalized in our community. This holistic approach to talent acquisition requires concrete skills and strategies, and the Guide to Recruiting and Hiring from CareerHub will help hiring managers understand and practice them.

The Guide covers topics including the following (and more):

  • Why and how to build cultures of equity and inclusion
  • Pitfalls and possibilities when defining a role
  • How to create effective job descriptions and announcements
  • How to build a talent pool, when hiring and when not yet hiring
  • Why structure is critical for excellence and equity
  • What kind of interview questions elicit the most valuable responses
  • Why job simulations can be more predictive than interviews
  • How to make reference checks useful

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