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Our Programs

Leading Edge’s flagship program areas focus on the core infrastructure of successful nonprofits: people, culture, and leadership.

  • CEO Initiative

    Because our future depends on today’s leaders. Our CEO Onboarding Program is the first-ever national program for new leaders of Jewish nonprofits.

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  • Leading Places to Work

    Because workplace culture matters. We support Jewish nonprofits in creating great workplace cultures that attract, develop, and retain top talent.

  • Lay Leadership Initiative

    Because our future depends on a strong lay-professional partnership. Professionals and lay leaders — board members, funders, CEO search committees, and volunteer leaders — are the twin engines that make nonprofits soar. 

  • Leading Edge is building a healthy, adaptive, high-performing Jewish nonprofit sector.

    About Us

  • In-depth, practical resources curated around key issues related to culture, talent, and leadership.

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