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Gender Equity

Bright Spot: Live the Pledge

This "Bright Spot" shares a point of progress, as part of Leading Edge's Gender Equity in Leadership Project.

Following an article in eJewish Philanthropy called “The Week That All Jewish Women Turned Invisible” and a follow-up called “Ally Is a Verb,” a group of women and allies created Live the Pledge, a website turning the idea of male allyship into a set of concrete actions that men can do and amplify:

  • Commit to listening and give space to women.
  • Cite women’s voices equally.
  • Notice when women are interrupted and redirect.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • Decline invitations to serve on all-male panels (manels).
  • Bring more women to the table.
  • Diversify your media consumption.
  • Recommend women for jobs and board positions.
  • Ensure gender balance on hiring committees.
  • Ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for all.
  • Don’t tolerate sexual harassment in the Jewish community.
  • End the wage gap.
  • Stand up for all women.

More details on each of these actions can be found at https://www.livethepledge.com/.

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