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Alumni Spotlight: Gary Hoberman

by Leading Edge

Meet Gary Hoberman, board secretary at Midwest Refuah Health Center. Gary is an alum of the Board Member Institute, which was the reimagined signature program of Boardified (powered by Leading Edge) and the premier volunteer leadership development program for board members of Jewish communal organizations. Gary shares his insights on essential leadership qualities for Jewish nonprofits, and the evolving future of leadership. He also discusses challenges faced, the importance of strong governance, and the value of cohort connections.

Alumni Spotlight conversations may be edited and condensed.

What do you think are the most critical leadership qualities needed to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within Jewish nonprofit organizations right now?

Honesty, transparency, and being proactive.

How do you see the future of Jewish nonprofit leadership evolving? How has your Leading Edge program experience influenced your perspective on this?

The future of Jewish nonprofit leadership will be challenging. Far more thought and effort appears necessary to cultivate and then engage the next generation to step forward, but this can be mitigated if current leaders see succession, and not just immediate succession, as a primary goal of leadership. Leading Edge involvement has made me more cognizant of finding young leadership gems and nurturing their involvement through empowerment.  

How has something you learned in the Leading Edge program helped make a real difference at your organization? Share an example.

Strong governance is the first thing that comes to mind. I've previously been on a number of "macher"-driven boards. Many thrived. Some didn't. The current board has significant federal oversight and the benefit of strong governance, something focused on at Leading Edge, and it is paying off.  

Quote from Gary Hoberman, "Far more thought and effort appears necessary to cultivate and then engage the next generation [of leaders] to step forward. This can be mitigated if current leaders see succession, as a primary goal of leadership."

Can you describe a specific leadership challenge you faced after completing the Leading Edge program and how you applied the knowledge and skills gained to address it?

There was a serious conflict of interest concern that arose. My Leading Edge background gave me the confidence to raise it, have the parties acknowledge it and thereby enable the board to transparently deal with it. 

Which initiatives or projects have you undertaken in your current role that have been inspired or influenced by participating in your Leading Edge leadership program?

I was just asked to be part of the CEO review committee by the organization that suggested I take the program. Also, in general, I expect, sometimes demand, greater board structure and leadership transparency.  

What’s one piece of advice you would offer to someone who is considering joining a Leading Edge leadership program?

Get ready to grow.

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