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Black Lives Matter
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A Note About This Moment

by Leading Edge

This is a painful time in the United States. We at Leading Edge, like many, are working to process the implications of this important moment.

One thing is clear: Racism is our problem. It is everyone’s problem — including the Jewish community.

Racism is our problem because all Jews are called to build a better world, and because we, as individuals and institutions, are responsible for examining our actions in order to do teshuvah (repentance and constructive change) for ways we are contributing to racism against People of Color, Jewish and non-Jewish alike.

Racism is our problem because the Jewish People includes many, many Jews of Color. Racism threatens JOCs’ lives, health, happiness, and ability to thrive and contribute in our community and society.

At Leading Edge we strive to build cultures that enable everyone to thrive. We’re working toward a sector with best-in-class leaders and organizations, and we can’t achieve that vision as long as systemic racism deprives our organizations of excellent leaders and talent.

We are committed to continuing to work for culture change — to learn, discern, and implement steps we can take to pursue racial justice within our organization and community. One resource we are finding helpful to that end — among a great many — is this Pilot Racial Justice Framework from the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable.

With deep pain for the myriad injustices suffered by Black Americans and other People of Color — including Jews of Color — and with deep resolve to do our part to make things better, we look forward to learning from and with our partners in the Jewish and nonprofit communities, and beyond.

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