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The 3 Commandments: Simple Rules for Complex Times

by Alena Akselrod

Here’s the paradox: In simpler times, a complex framework is helpful, but in complex times, simplicity is key.

When our reality is changing at a normal (and dare I say predictable) pace, we can map it out with some level of detail to help us understand the environment and the players — but in complex and quickly-changing circumstances, trying to create a detailed map will become the equivalent of putting on blinders. It’s a surefire way to miss vital features of the shifting landscape around you. In complex times when navigating constant uncertainty, identifying a few simple principles to act as our North Star can be valuable in guiding our response no matter what changes lie ahead. In that spirit, here are three bedrock principles I’ve been thinking about recently as candidates for the only rules that can meet this moment. I like to call them the three commandments.

About the Author
  • Alena Akselrod is Senior Program Director at Leading Edge.

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