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Focused Engagement Survey — Your Resources and Journey

Whether your organization is familiar with Leading Edge’s survey offerings or brand new to the process, we welcome you to participate in this journey!

The following resources and outline will guide you as your organization participates in the Focused Engagement Survey process. 

Here are the dates for the two cycles of the 2024 Focused Engagement Survey:

  • Spring Cycle

    • Registration — March 4 to March 29
    • Survey administration — April 9 to April 19
    • Passover — April 22 to 30
    • Results access — May 1
    • Consultations — May 6 to June 28
  • Fall Cycle

    • Registration — July 30 to August 23
    • Survey administration — September 3 to September 13
    • Results access — September 18
    • Consultations — September 23 to December 24
    • Fall Jewish holidays — October 2 to 25

Your Resources

Here is a complete list of all the resources needed to support your organization throughout the survey. These resources include guides, templates, and answers to frequently asked questions for all phases of the survey process. 

Your Journey

Participation in the Focused Engagement Survey includes the following steps:

1. Register your organization by submitting your registration form & employee roster

Read the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and fill out the registration form linked at the bottom. In it, you’ll share information about your organization, upload your employee roster (excel file), select your optional add-on sections, and provide contact information of who should receive access to your organization’s data after the survey closes, as well as the contact information of your Survey Liaison.

Here are a few helpful tips you can refer to while filling out your employee roster, and here is a guide to filling out the employee roster column by column.

The Survey Liaison is the person your organization will designate to serve as the primary contact for Leading Edge throughout the survey process. This person is responsible for completing the tasks listed above and is often someone whose role includes HR functions.

Note: We can only accommodate one person as the Survey Liaison.

2. Attend an information session

Leading Edge will be hosting information sessions before and during the registration period for the Spring and Fall surveys. We recommend attending at least one session, which you can register for below:

Fall survey info session dates and times will be posted here when they are available. 

If you cannot attend the above sessions, please contact us at surveys@leadingedge.org for a recording.

3. Share details about the survey with your staff

Once registered, tell your staff about the survey so they know what to expect and understand why your organization has chosen to participate. Communicate the dates, encourage participation, and share your intention to use their feedback to improve your workplace culture.

Feel free to customize any of these email templates to send to your team to inform them about the upcoming survey.

4. Stay up-to-date with Leading Edge Survey Bites

Throughout the survey process, Survey Liaisons from registered organizations will receive weekly emails of important, bite-sized information regarding the survey. Each email will be archived here

5. Confirm your list of report viewers

CEOs or the senior-most professional leaders will automatically receive access to survey results. On the registration form, you can add up to 5 additional report viewers, such as the Survey Liaison and/or other staff members who may be responsible for viewing and taking action based on the survey results. 

Before releasing the results, Leading Edge will confirm the list of report viewers with the CEO while the survey is live. Once the results are released, additional report viewers can only be added at the request of the CEO. 

6. View your data

Once results are released, anyone with access to the results (see Step 5) can view the data via the Culture Amp platform. 

Everyone will receive an email inviting them to view the report on Culture Amp. You will be taken to the report if you have an account with Culture Amp. New users must set a password and confirm their email first. If you ever need to change your password, you can do so here.

7. Prepare for and participate in post-survey support and offerings.

Consultations must be used within the following time windows: 

  • Spring cycle: May 6–June 28 
  • Fall Cycle: September 23–December 24  

Consultations will not be available outside of those dates.

We recommend holding calendar time in advance for any staff member who should be part of the consultation to expedite scheduling and ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Survey organizations can also participate in workshops that support taking action on your data. Following each cycle, we will offer:

  • A two-part activation workshop series focused on understanding your data, sharing with your team, and developing an action plan
  • A deep dive workshop on each of the add-on sections based on shared themes from the aggregate data set

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