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Leading Teams by Leading Edge

Strengthening collaboration in senior professional leadership teams so they can deliver even better results.

The most important marker of an effective organization is its leadership—and leadership is more than just the CEO.

Our research and experience with employees and CEOs alike has taught us that the quality of performance among senior professional leaders—and especially how effectively they work together—is vital to empowering the entire organization to thrive. But just like a sports team, a senior leadership team in a nonprofit organization can't improve its teamwork and performance without dedicated interventions: coaching, practice, bonding, and reflection.

That's where Leading Teams comes in.

What is Leading Teams?

Leading Teams is a targeted intervention that brings senior leadership teams from multiple organizations together to elevate the way participating organizations’ top leadership teams collaborate and achieve their missions.

How does the program bring senior teams together?

The main elements of the program:

  1. Learning sessions for the full group (4 sessions of 2 hours each)
  2. Team sessions with a senior advisor (6 sessions of 1 hour each)
  3. Ad hoc elements added to meet the specific interests and needs of each cohort

What do participants learn together?

  1. Value of the team: An understanding of and shared responsibility for the team’s interpersonal relationships and group dynamics
  2. Clear purpose and roles: Mutual understanding of and commitment to an agreed way of working together so that the team is positioned to collaborate effectively
  3. Tools to work together: Shared expectations and frameworks for communicating, collaborating, and decision making
  4. Impact of the team: The team drives toward shared goals and objectives and is prepared to evolve together in response to future changes
  • “The major benefit from my standpoint was creating spaces for our senior team to have really substantive conversations with each other about who we are as a team and how we can work more effectively together.”

    — A program participant

How can my organization participate?

At this time, Leading Teams is operating on a by-invitation-only basis. To be notified if and when we open the program to application, please fill out this interest form.

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