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Focused Engagement Survey by Leading Edge

The Focused Engagement Survey helps organizations improve employees’ engagement and performance.

Given recent events in Israel and the global Jewish community, many organizations in the Jewish nonprofit sector need more timely and focused feedback from their teams. For this moment, we have created a shorter survey, focused on engagement questions that our data has proved are the most powerful for driving change. 

The Focused Engagement Survey will also provide organizations with more frequent and immediate results. Simplifying the survey allows us to shorten the time between surveying your team and delivering results. It also allows us to offer the survey twice in 2024, giving organizations two opportunities to improve their engagement and performance.

Engagement drives impact

“Employee engagement” means being motivated to do your best work, proud to work at your organization, likely to stay working there, and likely to recommend your organization to others as a place to work. Research shows that employee engagement leads to high performance, strong retention, and much more. The Focused Engagement Survey helps organizations measure and improve this key metric (and more).

Data-driven excellence 

Since 2016, Leading Edge has surveyed more than 52,000 employees at nearly 500 organizations. This unparalleled dataset enables us to identify the most powerful questions for driving positive change in organizational cultures.

Your survey experience, in brief
  • You register here as an entire organization (not individual people)
  • Your organization provides Leading Edge with basic information on whom to survey
  • You inform your team and get them excited to participate
  • Leading Edge sends your team the survey by email, which will be on the Culture Amp platform
  • You (organizational leaders) get your data in a powerful, interactive platform
  • Leading Edge offers a pro bono consultation to help you interpret your data and take action
Two cycles in 2024

The Focused Engagement Survey will be offered twice in 2024 — in April and September. For those familiar with Leading Edge survey tools in past years, the Focused Engagement Survey is laser-focused on maximum impact, with a shorter timeline, allowing organizations the opportunity for two survey touch points with their teams during the year instead of one. NOTE: We welcome any organizations who took the survey in the Spring to take it again in the Fall if they choose. If your organization took the survey in the spring and made use of your consultation call already, you will not have access to one for this Fall cycle.

  • Information Sessions:

    Leading Edge will be hosting information sessions about the FES Fall cycle on the following dates:

2024 Fall Survey Timeline

2024 Survey Timeline
Fall Cycle
July 30 - August 23
Survey administration
September 3 - 13
*Fall Jewish holidays: October 2 - 25
Results access
September 18
September 23 - December 13

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we participate in the Fall survey if we've already participated in the Spring survey cycle?

Organizations may participate once or twice, depending on what is best for them.

We encourage organizations to consider their workflow and capacity to take action on employee feedback as you make the decision to opt into one or both of the 2024 survey cycles. NOTE: If your organization took the survey in the Spring and made use of your consultation call already, you will not have access to one for this Fall cycle.

Are there any information sessions I can attend?

Yes. Leading Edge will host optional information sessions before and during the registration period of each survey cycle. We recommend attending at least one session.

Information sessions for the fall cycle of the survey will take place on the following dates:

How many consultations do we get, and by when must we use them?

You will have access to one free consultation with a Leading Edge or national partner consultant in 2024. The consultation will help you think through your results and plan next steps. The consultation window is intentionally brief to ensure that organizations’ learning and subsequent actions are fresh and relevant. Consultations must be used within the specific time windows of September 23 - December 13 for the Fall cycle. If your organization took the survey in the Spring and made use of your consultation call already, you will not have access to one for this Fall cycle. Consultations will not be available outside of those dates. We recommend holding some time in advance for any staff member who should be part of the consultation to expedite scheduling and ensure you can take advantage of this opportunity.

What is the cost to my organization?

None. Thanks to our philanthropic supporters, everything about the Focused Engagement Survey will come at no cost to your organization. We believe that organizations should have access to the tools and resources they need to become even better places to work. 

What organizations are eligible to participate?

To participate in the survey, your organization must meet these criteria: 

  • Have at least six employees who will be invited to participate in the survey (any mix of full-time and/or part-time). Organizations will receive results if at least five employees complete the survey. 
  • Be based in North America
  • Affirm that they are a Jewish organization, whatever that means to them.
  • Be a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country or have a fiscal agent that is a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country. 
  • Have been in existence for at least three years. 
Is the survey confidential?

Yes. Leading Edge guarantees the confidentiality of all organizations and employees. That means both that nobody outside your organization will see your data and that your organization’s leaders will not know which employee gave which responses. We are committed to ensuring no individual organization’s data is ever made public. Any data that we share with the public (such as in reports like this one) will only be in the aggregate across many organizations, and will adhere to strict confidentiality thresholds.

To ensure that staff feel comfortable being as honest as possible, your organization will never have access to individual responses or know who has responded to the survey. Leading Edge and our survey platform, Culture Amp, will protect this information through a set of safeguards and security protocols, and results will be reported to organizational leaders as part of the organization's overall data. Organizational leaders will be able to view and group data in different ways, but at no point will organizations have access to responses associated with any individual. 

How is the Focused Engagement Survey different from the Employee Experience Survey (offered in past years)?

A shorter survey.  While the Employee Experience Survey had over 100 questions, the Focused Engagement survey is centered around ~25 engagement questions. Organizations can also add up to two question sets focused on other factors — e.g., well-being, salary and benefits.

A condensed timeline overall from registration through administration to results. Simplifying the survey allows for a tighter turnaround and allows you to take action while the data is fresh.

Two survey cycles in the spring and fall of 2024,  and organizations can opt into one or both if they choose.

Translations: To minimize setup time and facilitate a condensed timeline, the survey will only be offered in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Three big changes in the reports you receive on your data:

  • There will be no custom comparisons by type of organization, team size or budget size. There will be comparisons to: (1) Your organization’s data from the 2023 Employee Experience Survey (if your organization participated in 2023); (2) Your organization’s data from the Spring cycle of the FES (if your organization participated); (3) A United States benchmark from Culture Amp (based on data across many industries); and (4)The entire cohort of participating organizations in the Spring Focused Engagement Survey.
  • There will be ten demographic questions: Intent to Stay, Job Level, Tenure, Work Arrangement, Age, Disability, Gender, Orientation, Race/Ethnicity, and Religion. Additionally, organizations will have the option to supplement the self-reported demographics with up to four additional demographics (Department, Manager, Employment Type, and Other, to be used for any unique demographic).
  • The factors (groups of questions on a theme) will look different than in past years — some will be shorter and others will be merged together.
I still have questions. Who can I talk to about the survey?

You can reach out to our survey team at surveys@leadingedge.org. We’re happy to help!


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