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CEO Survey by Leading Edge
The CEO Survey was created to help Leading Edge understand the unique experiences of Jewish nonprofit CEOs, their relationships with their boards and senior teams, and their most common strengths and struggles. It can also help CEOs understand and contextualize their own experiences, and help boards, funders, and other stakeholders in the Jewish communal sector to understand the needs and challenges of leaders today.

Since 2021, 419 CEOs representing 399 organizations have participated in the CEO Survey.

For purposes of the CEO Survey, the term “CEO” refers to the most senior professional leader at an organization, whether their title is “CEO,” “Executive Director,” or something else.

Findings from the CEO Survey

CEO Survey FAQs

Why a CEO Survey?

The CEO’s working life is different from that of other employees. Through the Employee Experience Survey, we have learned so much about employees’ experience at work and what it takes to improve it. Building on that knowledge we felt it was time to create a similar survey dedicated to the unique experiences of CEOs in our sector. 

The goals of the CEO Survey are:

  • To identify the correlation between relationships, culture and impact of the organization with CEO engagement.
  • To gather data on the CEO experience in the Jewish nonprofit sector and to extrapolate what are the most important factors that lead to engaged CEOs.
  • To understand the profile of the CEO in the Jewish nonprofit sector.
  • To identify the primary positions and sectors that respondents were in prior to their current CEO role.
Who is eligible to take the CEO Survey?

CEOs at organizations that are registered to take the Employee Experience Survey are eligible to take the CEO Survey. Once your organization is registered, the CEO, Executive Director, or most-senior leader at your organization will automatically be invited to participate. No other registration is required.

Is the survey confidential?

Leading Edge guarantees the confidentiality of all senior leaders. We are committed to ensuring no individual CEO’s data is ever made public. Any data that is shared will be in aggregate and will adhere to strict confidentiality thresholds.

Leading Edge will protect this information through a set of safeguards and security protocols, and results will be reported as a group.

Is the CEO Survey different from the Employee Experience Survey?

Yes, they are different. To better serve our sector’s CEOs and senior leaders, we created the CEO Survey to ask senior leaders questions specific to management, strategy, and board relationships. The Employee Experience Survey will be administered to all of your organization’s employees. The CEO Survey will only be administered to CEOs. 

Both surveys will be administered on the same timeline, from May 10 to May 27.

Should the CEO take both the CEO Survey and the Employee Experience Survey?

All CEOs will receive and should respond to the CEO Survey. 

CEOs of smaller organizations with less than 10 employees will receive both the CEO Survey and the Employee Experience Survey. In order to ensure the aggregate employee data has enough responses to be reported, the CEO can opt into taking the Employee Experience Survey along with the CEO Survey.

Can more than one person at the organization take the CEO Survey?

Yes, in cases where you have co-CEOs or if your synagogue has a CEO/Executive Director and a Head Rabbi.

What results will CEOs see after completing the CEO Survey?

Leading Edge publishes reports on CEO experiences in the aggregate, which do not have any individualized information about any individual leader.

How can I sign up to take the CEO Survey?

Registration for the CEO Survey is an automatic part of an organization’s registration for the Employee Experience Survey. If you are the most senior leader of a Jewish nonprofit whose organization is registered to participate in this year’s Employee Experience Survey, then you will receive a link by email to participate in the CEO Survey.

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