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Pulse Surveys

Pulse Surveys are short surveys used to get a sense of how your employees are experiencing work at the moment.

  • Pulse Surveys can be a general check-in or can focus on any topic that is relevant to your organization at the moment; for example, you might ask for feedback on a new performance management system that was recently implemented, a possible return to the workplace, or thoughts on a recent adoption of a new policy. 

  • Pulse Surveys by Leading Edge

Why Use Pulse Surveys?

For many organizations, working in a rapidly-changing environment, it's important to get frequent feedback in order to understand how employees are experiencing work and make appropriate ongoing changes. Pulse Surveys are an effective way to measure progress over time and to gauge whether an intervention or a change is having a positive impact on the culture at your organization. 

What Support Does Leading Edge Provide?

Any and all support from Leading Edge is free with no strings attached. We are happy to guide you through the entire survey process or to help you only with certain areas. We can share a list of recommended questions as well as a bank of additional questions to consider, and we can help you write your own questions and otherwise customize your survey to meet your organization’s unique needs. Once your results are ready, we will analyze the data to help you understand the themes. We can also provide a comparison to results from the Employee Experience Survey or to a previous Pulse Survey. 

  • If you you would like to get started with a Pulse Survey or if you have questions, please email us at:



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