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2023 Memorandum of Understanding & Registration

In this Memorandum of Understanding we outline all the requirements and expectations for access to a Culture Amp account that will allow you to pulse your team off-cycle from the annual Employee Experience Survey.

Is Your Organization Eligible for A Pulse Survey Account?
  • Organization has at least six employees who will be invited to participate in the Pulse Survey (full-time and/or part-time). Organizations will receive results if at least five employees complete the survey. 
  • Organization is based in North America
  • Organization is a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country or has a fiscal agent that is a recognized nonprofit according to the tax laws of their resident country. 
  • Organization has been in existence for at least three years. 
What are some important details to consider?
  • Timeline: We will need at least 14 business days to help you set up for your first Pulse Survey and at least 7 business days to set up for any subsequent surveys. 
  • Survey Administrator: For us to effectively support you in the survey, you will designate ONE person to serve as your Pulse Survey Administrator. All information related to Pulse Survey administration will be sent to this person, who can forward any relevant information to others who might need it. We are not able to accommodate more than one Pulse Survey Administrator. 
  • Use of Pulse Survey Account: You will administer pulse surveys through the account granted to you by Leading Edge in good faith, always prioritizing your team’s confidentiality.  
What can we expect from Leading Edge?
  • Cost: Everything is 100% free and will come at no cost to you and your organization.  
  • Pulse Survey Account: Leading Edge will provide you with a Survey Creator Account in Culture Amp that will allow you to create your own custom survey and launch it at any time outside the blackout dates shared above (April 1 to May 31 every calendar year).  
  • Training and Support: Leading Edge will provide training information and email support to make sure you are able to successfully administer Pulse Surveys for your team.  
  • Other Support: Leading Edge will support your organization throughout the survey process, and provide technical assistance as needed. For issues related to Culture Amp, a third-party online survey platform, we may redirect your question to their customer support. 
  • Follow-up: We do not offer any official follow-up support for Pulse Surveys. However, we encourage you to explore the Action Inspirations derived from the 2023 Employee Experience Survey for valuable ideas on how to proceed. If you have any questions, please reach out to surveys@leadingedge.org.

  • Register for a Pulse Survey

    Questions? Reach out to us at surveys@leadingedge.org.


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