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After The Survey Closes

After May 12

Now that the survey is closed, here is information about what to do next.

Here are important dates and deadlines to remember:
  • Survey Closes — May 12
  • Access to Your Results — June 2023
  • Post-Survey Consultations — Summer and Fall 2023

1. Thank your staff for participating in the survey

It’s important to thank your staff for sharing their feedback. Try using the language in this template. We recommend you thank your staff within a week of the survey closing.

2. View Your Survey Results

Your CEO will automatically receive access to survey results and confirm access for any other employees. Survey Liaisons must be confirmed by the CEO to be granted access.

In June when your survey results are ready to view, we’ll send a message to individuals who have been granted access to the survey report. These staff will also be able to sign up for a consultation at that time.

How do I review our survey results?

Log in to the Culture Amp platform to view your survey results. On your dashboard, click on the 2023 Employee Experience Survey report. Read our How-to Guide on Reviewing Data, and watch the tutorial videos below for more information.

How does our organization’s size affect our survey report?

Organizations with 6-10 employees will not have access to demographic information or verbatim comments in order to protect staff confidentiality. Small organizations will receive a one-page summary of comments.

Organizations with 11 or more employees will be able to cut their data by demographic if the group has 4 or more respondents. They’ll also be able to view verbatim comments.

How do I use the heatmap in Culture Amp?

If your organization has 11 or more employees, the heatmap can be a useful tool for comparing more than one demographic group of your employees. This video will show you how to use it:

How do I read the comments from our survey?

If your organization has 10 or fewer employees, we’ll send you a summary of themes from your comments via email to protect the confidentiality of your employees. Organizations with 11 or more employees have access to verbatim comments. Keep in mind that comments cannot be cut by demographic or groups in any way. They can only be viewed together.

If your organization is large enough to view verbatim comments, see this video for more details on how to view them:

What does “Company Overall” mean in Culture Amp when I’m choosing a comparison?

The Culture Amp platform is designed to be used for one organization at a time, rather than the way Leading Edge uses it to survey many organizations at one time. In the context of how we use the platform, "Company overall" represents the average of the combined results for all organizations that participated in the survey that year.

If you compare your organization to "Company overall," you’ll see how your organization's results compare to all organizations that took the survey. 

I’m having trouble logging into Culture Amp. Can you help?

We're sorry you're experiencing technical difficulties!

Here is the link to reset your password or to create a new account. (It looks like a password reset page but works for both purposes.) After you enter your email, check your "all mail" folder for an email from cultureamp.com. You can also search your email for Culture Amp or cultureamp to find it. 

If your email servers are blocking Culture Amp emails, you can ask your IT folks to follow instructions here to prevent blocks to Culture Amp emails.

If you don't receive an email to set a new password, you can contact support@cultureamp.com.

3. Sign up for a consultation with a Leading Edge consultant

Your organization has access to one complimentary consultation to discuss your survey data and action steps. You can choose the length of the meeting.

How do I sign up for a consultation?

When you receive your survey results, you’ll also be asked to sign up for a consultation via email. Make sure to schedule your consultation to occur before September 30th. We can’t guarantee the availability of a consultant after this date.

Who will be my consultant?

Your consultant will either be someone from Leading Edge or a professional in the field with expertise in data analysis and organizational psychology who can support you in making sense of your data and taking action.

4. Complete the pre-consultation form and prepare for the consultation

You will receive an email with your survey report and a link to the pre-consultation form in June. At that time, the CEO of your organization should review your data and complete the pre-consultation form as soon as they can to maximize the consultation.

Watch this quick video for more information on preparing for your consultation:

5. Complete the post-consultation form

Once you’ve completed your consultation, your CEO or another leader on the call should complete the post-consultation form. On this form, you’ll be able to track action items, next steps, and goals going forward.

6. Share Results with Staff and Take Action

After you’ve reviewed your survey results, we encourage you to share the results with your staff as soon as you can. You might also consider sharing themes from your results with your board or lay leaders.

What data should we share with staff, and how should we do that?

Some organizations share their entire survey report with staff, while others present their greatest strengths, top areas for growth, and other key themes that emerged. 

Whatever you choose, be sure to leave time for discussion and questions to enable employees to be a part of the plan to move forward.

  • We recommend starting with an email template to share themes with your staff.
  • Then, you will likely want the opportunity to go deeper, potentially in a team meeting. This results powerpoint for strengths and growth opportunities can help.
  • Here is another version, a high-level summary template that can work for a variety of audiences.
  • You may also find the video below helpful!
How do we take actionable steps in response to our results?

Leading Edge and Culture Amp provide Inspirations for ideas and action steps to take in the coming weeks, months, or longer. You can access these inspirations on the Culture Amp Platform or online here. Some Inspirations will be quick wins, while other will be longer, systemic investments.

Watch this video to learn more!

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