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After Survey Actions: Feedback and Performance Management

Leading places to work ensure that people support each other with honest, constructive feedback that empowers them to succeed.

A healthy feedback culture is vital to success, engagement, and trust.

This collection is part of After Survey Actions from Leading Edge.

Feedback in the Field

In the 2022 Employee Experience Survey:

  • 87% of employees agreed that “We hold ourselves accountable for results — e.g., producing high-quality work, meeting deadlines and commitments.” That's 8 percentage points higher than the U.S. Benchmark from our survey partner Culture Amp, based on data from millions of workers across industries.
  • 73% agreed that “I am comfortable providing job-related feedback to my colleagues.”
  • 70% agreed that “The feedback I receive from my manager is useful for my growth.” That's 9% below the U.S. Benchmark.
  • 70% agreed that “I am recognized for good work at my organization.”
  • Only 45% agreed that “Our performance review process helps me grow and improve.”

(Read a full report on the 2022 Employee Experience Survey.)

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“Our review process is still a complete mystery to me. I don't understand why the organization, team, and personal goals are entirely unrelated. I also don't understand how they relate to merit increases. It seems like a process in name only that has little value.” — Employee Experience Survey Respondent

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